How does InboxBanner work within email newsletters?

InboxBanner enables email newsletter publishers to earn more from every email send. We do this by filling vacant spots with advertisements from our network of curated advertisers. Our algorithm matches relevant advertisements to each subscriber based on their known behavioural data and deliver ads that are personalized to their interests driving action.

How are unique email opens counted?

We count unique opens for ad units at a user level for each UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) day. For example, within a 24 UTC period, if an email is opened twice, it will count as 1 (one) unique load.

What types of ads are supported by InboxBanner in emails?

We support all standard display ads. We also support custom native ads that can be tailored to your specific newsletter.

How can I control the content inserted into my emails?

All content in our system is manually sorted into categories and manually assigned content ratings based on our content rating guidelines. All content also carries a brand-safe rating.

How do I check reporting?

Login to the InboxBanner Portal to check out your performance. If you don't have a login, check with your Account Manager.

Why am I seeing click or impression discrepancies between my service provider and InboxBanner?

Each provider may count metrics differently. Factors such as time zone, filtering, variation between gross and net unique impressions can contribute to click and impression discrepancies. Please contact your Account Manager to help find the solution.

How do I get started creating an ad campaign for the InboxBanner network?

Start by filling in ourweb form.

What are the standard ad unit specs?

  • Display: 300x250, 970x250, 970x550, 728x90, 160x600(limited inventory) & 300x600 (limited inventory)

  • Native: 300x250 Image + 50 characters headline and subtitle

  • Max file size: 200 KB