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InboxBanner is an email ad monetization platform that uses an embedded tag into a newsletter sent by an email publisher to call the InboxBanner server and serve an ad at every time the email is opened.

Email Monetization

Our Email Monetization solution allows publishers to advertise intelligently within email newsletters through contextually targeted and personalised content. It also allows setting up priority ads and make real-time changes to instantly remove advertisers and adjust creative.

InboxBanner server and Adserver for Email interacts with each other every time an email is opened. This interaction allows relevant and dynamic ad placement resulting in higher user engagement and revenue.

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Advertiser Solutions

InboxBanner Advertiser solution helps advertisers by giving access to 100 % opted in subscribers of premium and trusted publishers. It's a cross-device fraud free offering where users can be targeted with personalised content based on previous click patterns, location, device and other demographics.

Real time dynamic ad placement ensures high conversions resulting in an improved ROI on every ad campaign. System allows incremental reach into a massive monthly audience that actively opens and engages with email.

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